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The Proprietary AI-Driven Liquidity Infrastructure Tackling Fragmented Liquidity

Predictive Modeling

A proprietary AI model developed in collaboration with leading academics from Imperial College London and Blekinge Institute of Technology that produces two key digital asset market trends - predicted price and margin of error - with an accuracy of 95%.

Smart Order Router

Smart Order Routing powered with the latest ultra-low latency technology to connect to major exchanges to hedge exposures and improve liquidity.

Execution Algorithms

Customized algo strategies to minimize market impact and prevent information leakage for large orders such as VWAP, TWAP, and Arrival Price Volume Participation.

Risk Engine

An Engine that provides appropriate risk policies and procedures, optimizes borrowing costs, and efficient collateral management.

Matching Engine

A deep liquidity pool that provides access to FluidAI’s global network of clients and market makers.

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Products Leveraging FluidAI’s Infrastructure

FluidAI X

A single window interface for everyday traders available on desktop and mobile

FluidAI T

State-of-the-art institutional trading terminal for the digital asset markets


Institutional API trading for spot, futures and options markets

FluidAI L+

For exchanges that lack liquidity and want to provide a better user experience

Product Features

Spot Trading

  • Appropriate risk policies and procedures
  • Collateral management
  • Optimizing borrowing cost

Staking & Rewards

  • Trading fee discounts
  • Ability to view different levels of FluidAI’s proprietary AI price-prediction model
  • Ability to follow/copy top traders in the FluidAI network
  • Ability to chat with other members of the FluidAI network

Execution Algorithms

  • Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)
  • Volume Participation to calculate the order quantity as a percentage of the total trade volume
  • Minimizing pre-trade arrival price Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) and slippage

Matching Engine

  • Matching trades internally to provide price improvement over CEXs and DEXs
  • Ability to execute large block trades without impacting the price at the exchanges
  • Anonymity and minimizing market impact

Futures & Options Trading

  • Dynamic delta and volatility trading strategies
  • Spread trading and peg-to-parity algorithm
  • Ability to trade large blocks anonymously using RFQ technology

Public and Private Tokenized Markets

  • Trade NFTs through integration with the largest marketplaces
  • Trade tokenized real estate
  • Trade securitized products, including tokenized shares of private companies

Pre-trade & In-trade Analytics

  • Average Bid/Ask spreads and Buy/Sell Volume
  • Market impact (in bps) and Average Trades/min
  • Order size with respect to the daily traded volume/value

Post-Trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

  • Slippage with respect to Arrival Price
  • Slippage with respect to Interval VWAP
  • Slippage with respect to Interval TWAP

State-of-the-Art Institutional Trading Terminal for Digital Asset Markets

A web-based order and execution management system (OEMS) that makes large trades and execute advanced trading strategies to achieve Best Execution.

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