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Deep Liquidity Solutions for Professional Digital Asset Traders

FluidAI T is a state-of-the-art institutional trading terminal for the digital asset markets. FluidAI will leverage its core AI prediction platform to provide execution algorithms that will work in conjunction with its Smart Order Router (SOR) to provide Best Execution and benchmark pricing to institutions.

An innovative trading platform intended to suit the demands of institutional traders, FluidAI T offers access to deep centralized and decentralized liquidity. FluidAI T supports the entire trade life cycle, and allows users to create their ideal access to digital asset markets through the use of an institutional trading interface, API, or a combination of both.

Catering to Specialists in the Industry

Key Features

FluidAI provide services for the complete trading lifecycle


Smart Order Router

Execution Algorithms

Crossing Engine

Margin Trading

Derivatives Trading

Community Treasury

Tokenized Markets


Transaction Cost Analysis

Customised Execution Reports

Custody of Assests

Settlement & Clearing


Extensive Analytics

Price Discovery

Avg Bid/Ask Spreads

Buy/Sell Volume

Trade Difficulty

Market Impact

FluidAI Rewards

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