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No. FluidAI will not share its technology with any third party. FluidAI will let exchanges plugin to their system to access aggregated liquidity.

Yes, it will work with all the top chains: Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), and so on.

FluidAI makes tokenized market access more efficient for institutions, trading platforms, and retail investors by using predictive AI-based models to solve inefficiencies in digital asset markets.

FluidAI is looking to solve one of the biggest challenges in the digital asset markets – fragmented liquidity which is the primary cause of extreme volatility and market manipulation practices within the crypto markets and remains a key limiting factor to mainstream trust, acceptance, and adoption of virtual assets.

To learn more about FluidAI, go through our updated and expansive whitepaper. For the latest product and development updates, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.    

At FluidAI’s core is an AI engine that predicts aggregated CEX and DEX bid and ask prices 3 seconds or more into the future with 99.5% accuracy.

FluidAI’s event-driven architecture enables aggregated data to be extracted, transmitted, and calculated to provide an efficient bid and ask output that eliminates latency, provides deep liquidity, and is built into various products.

The more tickets you collect, the bigger your share of the FluidAI REWARDS token pool!

For example: if you have 25 tickets, another entrant has 25 tickets, and another entrant has 50 tickets, your share = 25% of the token pool.

The minimum token pool size is 500k FLD.

Token Generation Event is dependent on market conditions – estimated Q3 2023.


Institutional API trading for spot, futures and options markets.

FluidAI T

State-of-the-art institutional trading terminal for digital asset markets.

FluidAI X

A single window interface for everyday traders available on desktop and mobile

FluidAI L+: 

For exchanges that lack liquidity and want to provide a better user experience

You can find the tokenomics in the whitepaper or in the tokenomy section of the website.

FluidAI ($FLD) will be initially built on the Ethereum network since many exchanges and launchpads support it. A layer 2 solution will be released at a later date.

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