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Welcome to the FluidAI Airdrop Portal, your one-stop destination to participate in the exciting journey of acquiring $FLD tokens. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to get involved, explains the utilities and benefits of the $FLD token and $FLD tokenomics, and highlights the advantages of staking $FLD.

Kiran, CEO at FluidAI, shares his thoughts on the $FLD Airdrop:

“The $FLD Airdrop is an exciting opportunity for the community to get involved and benefit from our innovative AI solutions. We believe in inclusivity and fairness, which is why we’ve designed the airdrop to reward active participation without giving undue advantage to any single entity/whales.

Join us in this journey and experience the future of CEX & DEX aggregation and AI with FluidAI.”


🎟️ How to Participate in the FluidAI Airdrop
💧 $FLD Token Utilities and Benefits
💰 Rewards for Retail to Institutional Traders
📊 $FLD Tokenomics
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🎟️ How to Participate in the FluidAI Airdrop

Participating in the FluidAI Airdrop is straightforward. Follow these steps to secure your share of $FLD tokens:

1. Join the FluidAI Zealy Community


2. Register on the Airdrop Platform:
Visit our Airdrop Platform and register with a valid wallet address.
This step is crucial as it ensures you receive your $FLD tokens.
*Make sure to use the same wallet and email you’ve used in Zealy


3. Earn Fluid Points:
Accumulate points by completing tasks on our Zealy Questboard. Each task will reward you with points that increase your share of the airdrop.


4. Claim Your Tokens:
Tokens will be distributed proportionally based on the points you have earned and can be claimed at the end of the airdrop campaign.

*Refer friends and earn an additional 5% points*


To ensure fairness, FluidAI implements an anti-whale mechanism. This prevents disproportionate accumulation of tokens and gives everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from the airdrop.


💧 $FLD Token Utilities and Benefits

The $FLD token provides a variety of benefits within the FluidAI ecosystem, offering valuable utilities and rewards for both retail and institutional users:

Trading Fee Discounts

Stake $FLD tokens to enjoy reduced trading fees on the FluidAI platform, making transactions more cost-effective.

Access to AI-Powered Tools

Holding $FLD tokens grants access to FluidAI’s advanced AI tools, providing predictive analytics and market insights that enhance trading strategies and decision-making.

Exclusive Content and Features

Token holders can unlock premium content and features, such as advanced trading tools and market predictions, improving their overall trading experience.

Community Participation

Be an active part of the FluidAI community by participating in governance and decision-making processes through our AI-based DAO, influencing the future direction of the platform.


💰 Rewards for Retail to Institutional Traders

FluidAI offers a comprehensive rewards system for both retail and institutional traders, encouraging active participation and investment through a tier-based staking program.

Retail Rewards

The tiers range from Tier 1, requiring 1,500 FLD, to Tier 10, requiring 1 million FLD. Depending on the amount of FLD you stake, you gain access to larger maker fee discounts, more AI prediction models, and additional benefits. By staking $FLD tokens, retail investors can access exclusive features such as:

  • Maker Fee Discount: Reduce maker fees based on the amount staked and the lock-up period.
  • Follow Traders: Copy the trades of top-performing traders with just a click.
  • Referral Rates: Earn additional rewards through a tier-based referral program.
  • AI Prediction Model: Access predictive analytics for order book prices up to 30 seconds into the future.
  • Community Chat: Join a dedicated chat with users trading the same pairs.
  • FluidAI X Academy: Progress from hobby trading to professional trading through our CSR initiative.

Institutional Rewards

Institutional investors can significantly reduce trading fees by depositing $FLD into their accounts. The tier-based fee reduction scheme allows for greater fee savings as the amount of $FLD staked increases, with no time restrictions.

Tier-Based Fee Reduction Scheme for Institutional Investors:


📊 Tokenomics

The tokenomics of $FLD are designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem for all participants. $FLD tokens are allocated across various key areas to support the growth and functionality of the FluidAI platform. The distribution is as follows:


Over a planned period of up to 66 months, these allocations aim to address liquidity needs, incentivize platform use, and ensure continuous development and innovation.


🚀 Get Started!

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the FluidAI revolution.
Register on our Airdrop Platform, participate in the quests, and claim your $FLD tokens!


About FluidAI

FluidAI is a liquidity aggregator that leverages advanced AI technology to provide efficient access to digital asset markets. By addressing issues like liquidity fragmentation and high volatility, FluidAI offers deep liquidity and the best execution for both retail and institutional traders. Beyond aggregation, the FluidAI platform enhances the crypto ecosystem with innovative tools and solutions that promote precise trading, advanced security, and intelligent market analysis in digital asset trading.

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