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FluidAI Rebrands as it Readies for Launch in Q3

Dubai, UAE, July 17, 2023: FluidAI – previously FLUID – the fintech making tokenized market access more efficient for all by harnessing AI, has redesigned its brand as it readies for launch in Q3 2023. FluidAI has been developing its transformational proprietary predictive AI infrastructure that will solve fragmented liquidity, eliminate latency, and revolutionize how institutional trading firms, seasoned traders, and retail investors access digital asset markets.     

“FluidAI is an organic transition from FLUID especially since AI has always been at the core of what we’ve been developing over the past two years. The rebranding perfectly ties into our mission which is making tokenized market access more efficient for institutions, trading platforms, and retail investors by harnessing AI,” said Kyle Chassé, FluidAI’s Cofounder, and Master Ventures’ Founder. 

Master Ventures – FluidAI’s venture studio – has been working hard behind the scenes with the FluidAI team in developing a transformational solution to tackle fragmented liquidity. 

“By utilizing both traditional and emerging AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, deep learning, robotics, expert systems, reinforcement learning, generative models, and edge computing, FluidAI is transforming how we view and interact with digital asset markets. And this is what we would like to communicate through the new brand,” said Ahmed Ismail, Cofounder, President, and CEO of FluidAI. 

Since its founding, FluidAI’s vision has been to unlock the unlimited potential of AI as a tool and transform the efficiency of crypto markets by incorporating it at the heart of its infrastructure and ecosystem. As virtual asset markets develop beyond cryptocurrencies into new realms and tokenized asset classes such as NFTs, equities, and real estate, FluidAI’s infrastructure is effectively scalable to be applied to any public or private digital asset trading venue. 

FluidAI is driven by a seasoned team of technologists, academics, data scientists, institutional digital asset platform founders, and investment bankers whose experience spans across tier-one TradFi and crypto institutions such as Bank of America, HAYVN, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Jefferies, Bloomberg, Citigroup, Refinitiv, and leading data science academic institutions.

FluidAI, liquidity transformed.