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FluidAI Rewards – Secure Your $FLD Pre-TGE

We have great news for the FluidAI community! 

We’re taking our REWARDS program, the only way to acquire $FLD (FluidAI’s Token) before the TGE, to the next level with Zealy, bringing you an enhanced rewards experience like never before. The FluidAI Rewards program encourages the community to engage, interact, and learn about FluidAI by earning tickets through completing bounties and participating in competitions. 

The more tickets you collect, the larger your share of the FluidAI Rewards token pool! For instance, if Participant A has 25 tickets, Participant B has 25 tickets, and Participant C has 50 tickets, Participant A’s share would be 25% of the token pool.

The minimum token pool size is set at 500,000 $FLD. However, the full size of the token pool will remain undisclosed until a week before TGE, but rest assured it will be impressive.

FluidAI Rewards offers two main activities: 

  • FluidAI WINS: These are time-sensitive ad hoc competitions with varying rewards, such as a significant number of tickets or physical prizes like FluidAI merchandise.
  • FluidAI Bounties: The community receives guaranteed tickets for completing requested tasks, ensuring instant gratification. The number of tickets earned determines the size of the entrant’s share in the FluidAI token pool.

Here’s how FluidAI Bounties works:

  • Participating across platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube earns 2 tickets for each platform
  • Joining, following, or subscribing to FluidAI’s various channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, newsletter, YouTube) earn 5 tickets for each channel
  • Viewing a post on Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook grants 2 tickets for each channel.
  • Tweeting a post provides 5 tickets
  • Using the given hashtag/hashtags on Twitter in your tweets awards 5 tickets
  • Users in the FluidAI reputation program on Telegram will receive 1 ticket for every 25 reputation points achieved
  • As part of the FluidAI referral program on Telegram, users will receive 10 tickets for every successful referral
  • Users who submit responses to FluidAI polls on Telegram will receive 2 tickets per poll
  • Join FluidAI Rewards now and prepare for the future of liquidity aggregation, transformed

*The tickets mentioned above are for reference and can be changed by FluidAI at any point in time. They can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the FluidAI team.

Join the FluidAI REWARDS on Zealy now! Click here to be part of the action. 

Best of luck!