FluidAI Rewards Airdrop! – Secure Your $FLD Pre-TGE 🔥

Exciting news! We are adding additional Airdrop for lucky entrants of our Zealy questboard, so now there are two reasons to join and participate!

  1. Guaranteed Tokens for everyone
  2. Additional Airdrop for lucky users

You might be wondering how it all works. Let’s dive in!


Sailing the Rewards Wave & Airdrop Adventure Uncovered


We are introducing the Airdrop as a part of Fluid Rewards. What is the difference between them? That’s pretty simple.



In our community Rewards are one of the key elements that make it special. 


Fluid Rewards are all of the benefits that user can get for participating in various activities. 

They consist of:

  1. Airdrops – $FLD Token Airdrops for earning points.
  2. Earn – Various ways to earn Tokens for completing tasks and challenges on FluidAI X platform (such as referring new users, etc.)
  3. Benefits – Additional benefits – for example for staking $FLD – the benefits could be trading fee discounts, access to premium features, etc.

Earn and Benefits are not active yet, and the Airdrop campaign is ongoing.



We introduced a guaranteed share of our $FLD token for every participant who will earn points in our tasks and quests. Everyone will earn the amount of tokens proportionally to the XP earned, so there is no need to reach the top of the Leaderboard. You can just earn your points at your own pace. There’s no need to start early to have a chance to win. We don’t favor only those who grind from the start. It’s not a race, it’s fun! Everyone can win!

FluidAI Airdrop campaign encourages the community to engage, interact, and learn about FluidAI by earning points through completing bounties and participating in competitions. The more points you collect, the larger your share of the FluidAI Airdrop token pool!

For instance, if Participant A has 25 points, Participant B has 25 points, and Participant C has 50 points, Participant A’s share would be 25% of the token pool.

The minimum token pool size is set at 500,000 $FLD. However, the full size of the token pool will remain undisclosed until a week before TGE, but rest assured it will be impressive.

You can earn points by completing various tasks that you can find on our Zealy questboard. Here are some examples of the activities:

  • Like & Re-Tweet
  • Visit our website
  • Follow FluidAI on Twitter
  • Join FluidAI Telegram group
  • Join FluidAI Telegram Announcements Channel
  • Invite friends to FluidAI on Zealy
  • Follow FluidAI on LinkedIn
  • And more!


FluidAI Rewards go beyond securing your $FLD tokens pre-TGE; they will also bring rewards for staking these tokens in future. Additionally, the accumulation of points on Zealy is poised to offer potential benefits – although yet to be confirmed. Being an active participant not only earns you tokens but may unlock exclusive perks and recognition, making your journey even more rewarding.


Additional Airdrop Raffle!

That’s not all! To make this experience even more exciting, we are introducing additional Airdrop Rewards that will be randomly awarded to some lucky participants, so now there is one more reason to earn points on Zealy.


Proportional share Random drops
Token pool 500k $FLD minimum To be announced
Distribution Proportionally to the points earned, for everyone. Randomly awarded to lucky users, with chances weighed to the points earned.


Curious about something?

  • Wondering if your old points from the previous Gleam platform will carry over? Don’t worry – they will! 
  • Concerned when you’ll receive reward tokens? Rest assured, reward tokens will be distributed after the TGE (Token Generation Event)
  • Feeling like you’re late to the game with users already racking up points on the leaderboard? Don’t worry – it’s not too late! You can still join and have a shot at both the airdrop and a share of the rewards.


For more details or if you have any other questions, feel free to join our Telegram group and ask away. We’re here to help!


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