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FLUID Updates: Exciting Milestones and Future Plans

May 2023

FLUID has been working diligently to bring you exciting advancements and innovative products that will revolutionize the trading industry. In June, we will release the MVP of FLUID X, our trading platform, allowing Alpha users to access different tiers of our AI price prediction model. Additionally, a redesigned website will be launched. 

In July, we plan to release an API feed of our proprietary AI model to select market participants. Looking ahead, the FLUID X trading platform for retail users is slated for release in Q3, while FLUID T, our institutional trading platform with advanced algorithms, is expected in Q4. We are also working on layer 2 partnerships for our utility token and hiring regulatory policy writers and front-end engineers. 

Stay tuned for the FLUID X community build program and opportunities for alpha testers. 

– Ahmed Ismail 

  • FLUID X MVP: MVP of FLUID X that provides users the ability to view different tiers (ATI’s) of FLUID’s proprietary AI price prediction model is being released for now to a selective set of Alpha users in June.
  • FLUID Website: An updated and redesigned website is slated for release in June
  • FLUID’s Proprietary AI price prediction: FLUID will release an API feed of it’s model to a select set of market participants in July
  • FLUID X Trading Product: FLUID X trading platform for retail users is slated for release in Q3, 2023
  • FLUID T Institutional OEMS: FLUID T trading platform for institutional clients that contains complex Smart Order Routing and Execution Algorithms is expected to be released in Q4, 2023
  • A live demo of the FLUID X MVP showing a consolidated order book across the top CEXs and FLUID’s proprietary AI model can be shown on demand
  • Working on layer 2 partnership for FLUID’s utility token
  • We can confirm there will be 6 key utility functions on FLUID X:
    – Fee discounts
    – FLUID AI
    – Referral Rewards
    – Community Chat
    – Follow Trader
    – FLUID X Academy
  • Currently hiring:
    • Regulatory policy writer full-time
    • Front-end Engineers Full-time
    • Back-end engineers full-time

Ahmed Ismail, Founder, President, and CEO of FLUID, quoted in several publications:

  • The team is focusing on FLUID X (our retail product) and the site to get it prepared for product launch and the TGE
  • Keep engaging with content to support the project. Our FLUIDIAN army’s strength has been amazing to date
  • We’ll soon be launching the FLUID X community build program, where we would love all to participate and support in building the FLUID X interface