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FLUID Updates: Acceleration of FLUID’s products, new hires, and more

November 2022

What a month it has been! FLUID hopes all are well and safe during this climate. We’ve reflected on the current challenges that the industry is facing and looked back at what we’ve always said: 

  • Better governance and control around user funds and ownership 
  • Liquidity aggregators are needed more than ever
  • Best practice and transparency to secure users will be at the core of FLUID’s values that we will share soon

As FLUID, we’re in a great place and, thankfully, have not been affected by the challenges in the market. Our vision is clear, and the runway is tightly managed by people with a proven track record in building companies in general and unicorn crypto companies alike. 

We’ve seen remarkable growth at FLUID with new hires in the development and AI teams. More importantly, our head of product has been driving the acceleration of our products from a build and strategic level.

Again, stay safe, and let’s keep building. 

– Ahmed Ismail  

  • MVP of FLUID’s consolidated order book, including visualization complete
  • MVP currently shows an aggregated order book across multiple CEXs and FLUID’s proprietary AI prediction model on live market data, including the accuracy of prediction
  • Additional currency pairs, and the next set of CEXs/DEXs being added to the FLUID network
  • Customer Onboarding and KYC documents, including stringent risk checks, being put together before circulating them to the first set of institutional clients
  • Conversations with institutional custodial relationships being held
  • FLUID Token: Claiming/Vesting portal integration with Fireblocks in progress and Smart Contracts audit pending on the integration.
  • Working on layer 2 partnership for FLUID’s utility token
  • FLUID’s token utility strategy is complete and can be viewed in the FLUID White Paper
  • New backend developer hired
  • We’re currently looking for a permanent UX Designer
  • The FLUID Twitter channel currently has close to 20,000 followers 
  • FLUID is looking to redefine digital asset liquidity aggregation using AI –  Here’s how
  • Fluid Hires Fintech Executive to Head Product Strategy. Read here
  • TGE expected date due to market conditions
  • Working on FLUD-X UI
  • Working on FLUID-T UI
  • We need support with Exchange Business Accounts – please get in touch if you feel you can support. Exchanges we need support with: Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, LBank, KuCoin, Coinsbit, Digifinex, WhiteBIT, Phemex, MEXC Global,, OKX, BingX, Upbit, Bitget, Kraken, AAX, BKEX, BitMart,, Bitforex, BTCEX, Bithumb
  • Looking for beta customers – please contact us if you believe you can introduce us. Customer segments: Hedge Funds, HFT, Stat-Arb Traders, Pro traders, Exchanges, Brokers – Retail, Brokers – Institutions, Exchanges with trading departments
  • Keep engaging with content to support the project. Our FLUIDIAN army’s strength has been amazing to date 
  • We’ll soon be launching the FLUID-X community build program, where we would love all to participate and support in building the FLUID-X interface
  • Berlin – Next Block Expo (November 23-24)